tprillahfiction (tprillahfiction) wrote in spockmccoy,

Fic: "Advanced Calculus" NC-17 Spock/McCoy Reboot

Title: Advanced Calculus
Author: tprillahfiction
Fandom:  ST Reboot
Pairing: McCoy/Spock
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  Due to a university credits snafu, Midshipman McCoy has to repeat Advanced Calculus. He's really annoyed about it, until he sees the instructor. Mostly a farce.  Featuring:  First time. Sex with a virgin. Academy Fic. AU.
Warning: Sexual activity in a parental home (with parents in close proximity). Doesn’t really follow canon, so consider it an AU. Spock is only 19 years old in this. McCoy is about 27. McCoy is divorced but doesn’t have a kid. And there is the tiniest mention of AdCalc equations (but this fic isn’t really about math anyway, even though the title may suggest it) so it may or may not be correct.

Link to fic at AO3 HERE
Tags: fanfiction, poster: tprillahfiction, rated nc-17, star trek xi

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